Breast Cancer
Breast Cancer Types


Types of Breast Cancer

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Types of Breast Cancer Breast cancers are named according to the part of the breast they arise from, how far they have spread and how the cancer appears under the microscope. Most breast cancers st READ MORE

Types of breast cancer

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Types of breast cancer Your doctor suspects that you have breast cancer. To confirm the diagnosis, a pathologist analyzes a tissue sample (biopsy) taken from the lump or suspicious area in your bre READ MORE

Non-Invasive or Invasive Breast Cancer?

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Non-Invasive or Invasive Breast Cancer? The single most important factor in the personality of any breast cancer is whether it is non-invasive ("in situ," which means "in the same place") or invasi READ MORE
Breast cancer types are either Non-Invasive Breast Cancer or Invasive Breast Cancer, both cancers are serious, but invasive breast cancer also affects the surrounding tissue. Both types of breast cancer have tumors and must be treated by a doctor or breast cancer specialist. Breast cancer symptoms vary between these types of breast cancer, and it is best to have breast cancer tests done to confirm if breast cancer is present and if so what type of cancer it is.
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