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High Cost of Breast Cancer Screening

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High Cost of Breast Cancer Screening Mammograms save lives, or not. It's one of those perennial controversies: does screening women's breasts with X-rays actually cut the risk of dying from breast READ MORE

Breast Cancer - Costs and expenses

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Breast Cancer - Costs and expenses This page contains information about costs that could be involved in your treatment and care, and financial or practical help that might be available, including: READ MORE

Lymphedema Raises Cost of Breast Cancer Care

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Lymphedema Raises Cost of Breast Cancer Care Painful swelling can require treatments for infections and depression Posted March 17, 2009 Jennifer Thomas HealthDay In breast cancer survivors, l READ MORE

Understanding the Cost of Cancer

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Understanding the Cost of Cancer While fears about the emotional and physical impact of cancer on our lives are common, we have few first hand reports about the daunting financial burden brought on READ MORE
Cost of Breast Cancer varies among different states and countries, but all can agree that the fight against cancer can be a drain on health care funding, hospitals and personnel. Cancer not only affects the individual but their families and communities as well. The high cost of surgery as well as treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation, and various drugs are only part of the expense. There is also the expense of diagnosis with cat scans, mri, ultrasound, x-ray, mammograms and blood work to add to that. But the greatest cost is that of human life, and the devastation that loosing a loved one to cancer can bring to a family.
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