Molecular Oncology Department BC Cancer Research Centre
Molecular Oncology Department
BC Cancer Research Centre
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Vancouver, BC
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Tumours develop from normal human cells through a complex process with multiple stages. The Department of Molecular Oncology at the BC Cancer Research Centre in Vancouver aims to characterise the molecular changes that occur as tumours develop.

Dr. Sam Aparicio’s laboratory focuses on the molecular pathways involved in breast cancer development.

Dr. François Bénard’s team focuses on developing and using imaging techniques to characterise tumours in patients, and in animal models of cancer.

Dr. David Huntsman’s group investigates the molecular basis of genetic predisposition to ovarian and gastric cancers.

Dr. Kuo-Shyan Lin’s laboratory is developing radiotracers for applications in oncology and neuroscience.

Dr. Poul Sorensen’s team studies a range of childhood cancers as well as a subset of breast tumours.

Researchers in the Molecular Oncology department use the latest technologies to rapidly identify genes that are involved in the development of cancer. The proteins produced by these genes may serve as targets for novel chemotherapy drugs and other cancer treatments, or imaging scans. We then use a range of techniques to validate the role of the novel candidate genes in the development of cancer. The ultimate aim is to translate these findings into improved treatment options for cancer patients.

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